Sunday, 20 August 2017


Onam is nearing, and varieties of traditional payasam like paalada, chakka pradaman, pazam pradaman etc are  served during Onam festival.

I thought of making unique varieties of payasam with some vegetables for this onam. To start with let’s see how to make Purple Cabbage Payasam.

Cabbage Payasam sounds weird, and its not  something that registers easy in one’s mind if you all are familiar with Indian sweets and desserts. Cabbage is  a sort of “stinky” vegetable and definitely no one  would normally choose to make payasam out of it.
As I was saying, I was quite skeptical how a vegetable like cabbage could be a part of something so nice. Yet the sheer unusualness of it all had me marking it down to make at the first opportunity. As it turned out, this Cabbage Payasam has been a hit every time I’ve served it for its great taste and always elicits surprise and disbelief from our guests when they discover that there was “cabbage” in their payasam!
Celebrate this onam with this unique, healthy, fusion and tasty Purple Cabbage Payasam.
Wishing you all a happy and prosperous onam from Sachu”s kitchen.

Milk – half litre
Finely chopped purple Cabbage – 1 cup
Sugar                                      –1/2 cup
Cardamom powder               - ¼ tsp

Finely chopped cabbage        – 1 tbsp

Ghee                                       – 2 tsp

Cashewnuts                          – 8 nos

Wash the chopped cabbage well and allow it to drain.
 Boil the cabbage in milk till soft.
Add sugar and let it boil in a medium flame till the payasam thickens to your desired consisitency,
Add cardamom powder.
Remove from flame and keep aside.
 Meanwhile heat ghee in a pan.
Fry cabbage till the raw smell goes and add cashews.
Fry till cashews turn semi golden colour  andadd it to the payasam.
Keep it in a fridge and serve chilled.